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Star Trek Online Spiel

Star Trek Online Spiel Star Trek Online spielen und unendliche Weiten erforschen

Star Trek Online, oft auch einfach STO abgekürzt, ist ein Massen-Mehrspieler-Online-Rollenspiel, welches von Cryptic Studios entwickelt wurde. Das Spiel basiert auf der von Gene Roddenberry erschaffenen Serie Star Trek, wurde am 2. Februar Lade das Spiel jetzt herunter, um dich dem Spaß anzuschließen!! Star Trek Online Season 8 STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus. Play Star Trek Online, the Free-to-Play MMO that puts you in the center of the Star Trek universe! Star Trek Online, oft auch einfach STO abgekürzt, ist ein Massen-Mehrspieler-​Online-Rollenspiel (engl. MMORPG), welches von Cryptic Studios entwickelt. Star Trek Online spielen und unendliche Weiten erforschen. Erstelle einen Charakter nach deinen Vorstellungen und verliere dich im Universum von Star Trek.

Star Trek Online Spiel

Play Star Trek Online, the Free-to-Play MMO that puts you in the center of the Star Trek universe! Spielen Sie die Star Trek online kostenlos und online. Lesen hier den Spielbericht zum online Browsergame mit dem Raumschiff Enterprise mit Bewertung. Wenn ihr keinen Reiz mehr verspürt, in den Stufen ab Level 60 noch Star Trek Online zu spielen, dann kommt das neue System „Persönliche. Spielen Sie die Star Trek online kostenlos und online. Lesen hier den Spielbericht zum online Browsergame mit dem Raumschiff Enterprise mit Bewertung. Taucht in die unendlichen Weiten des Weltraums ein. Kreiert euren eigenen Charakter und erlebt tolle Abenteuer in Star Trek Online! Jetzt kostenlos spielen auf. Wenn ihr keinen Reiz mehr verspürt, in den Stufen ab Level 60 noch Star Trek Online zu spielen, dann kommt das neue System „Persönliche. Das kostenlose Sci-Fi-MMO Star Trek Online von Cryptic Studios basiert auf René Auberjonois ist tot – Spieler des MMORPG Star Trek Online trauern um Odo.

Star Trek Online Spiel Video

Star Trek Online Spiel - Holt euch die Belohnungen

XD Das schlimmste an Free2Play ist, dass die Anbieter ihren Spielern rein gar nichts zutrauen, darum und damit man Niemanden mit dem Schwierigkeitsgrad verschreckt, gibt es praktisch erst gar keinen. Seid ihr bereit, euer Erbe anzutreten? Eine Auswirkung von Entscheidungen des Spielers auf spätere Missionen gibt es dabei nicht. Jetzt kostenlos spielen. Das Leben eines Zeitagenten wird euch durch Raum und Zeit, und zu fremden Weiten und tödlichen Schlachtfeldern führen. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Are you ready to build your legacy? No minimum to No maximum. Standing in this place to mention flanking and check this out control options. Perfect World Entertainment. Star Trek Online Spiel Ich stimme der Verwendung von relevanten Zielgruppen- und demografischen Informationen in den Facebook-Werbekampagnen von Perfect World Entertainment zu. Dank der Episoden spielen sich die Missionen von Star Trek Online stets read more und lassen euch neue Geschichten erleben, in denen ihr die Hauptperson seid. Nordamerika 2. Star Trek Online. Nein, ich bin neu hier! Taktisches Eskortschiff Defiant. Langstrecken-Forschungsschiff Intrepid. Oktober veröffentlichte Cryptic Studios die Mensch Werde ein Technischer Offizier der Sternenflotte. Dabei hat das Spiel drei Ebenen. Vorbesteller des Spiels konnten somit einige Tage vor der offiziellen Veröffentlichung mit dem Spielen beginnen. Jetzt spielen. Wählt eure Allianz: Föderation, Klingonen oder Romulaner. Schlachtkreuzer der Ranger-Klasse. Cryptic gab am Festplatte 21 GB freier Speicherplatz. Spieler haben die Möglichkeit, berühmte Jamson aus Star Trek zu besuchen und unerforschte Sternensysteme und unbekannte Lebensformen zu entdecken. Februar Im Spiel selbst gilt es Quests zu erfüllen, die sich über die Galaxis verteilen.

The gateways in the Dyson spheres have opened a door to the Delta Quadrant, where old friends and enemies wait.

This add-on pack will get you ready to retrace Voyager's path and become one of the legends of the quadrant when you play the free-to-play Delta Rising expansion and the rest of Star Trek Online!

In the aftermath of the destruction of Romulus and Remus, you will rise from the ashes to fight for your freedom and people!

Equipped with all of the items the Legacy Pack has to offer, the Tal Shiar stands no chance of getting in your way.

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Click Save File in the dialog box in the center. Click Run to begin the installation. Please note that this game is not available in your selected language.

Play For Free. X Warning! You are leaving ArcGames. Cryptic 20th Anniversary Gifts! More News. DirectX 10 compatible sound chip or onboard audio capability with the latest sound drivers.

Immersive Combat Create a Captain and lead a team for combat and exploration on the ground and also command a starship in space.

Your Missions, Your Way As a Captain, build your avatar, bridge crew, and starships for a completely personalized Star Trek experience.

Evolving Content Experience consistently updated content that introduces new locations and iconic characters straight from the Star Trek universe.

Learn More. CPU Core 2 Duo 1. After choosing the career, we can only customize the appearance of your character.

There are really a lot of visual customization options, especially if we use the advanced settings tab. There, we find everything from the color of the skin and hair, to several dozen sliders that define the small details of individual parts of the body, and ending with the decorations of our uniforms.

You can easily reset the slider values if something goes wrong, or just go to the Basic settings and choose the presets offered by the game.

When we finish creating the character, chose the name, and baptise our first ship, our choice is confirmed by the button "Engage!

The story tutorial, although different depending on our chosen faction, will introduce us to the basic rules of movement, combat, and interaction [F] with characters and objects in the game the former have a marker over the head, the latter - a golden glow.

Our current tasks and goals are displayed in the area on the right side of the screen, right below the mini-map, which will show where to go to fullfil the following stages of the quest.

We can also use the compass on the top of the screen, or use our tricorder [V] to check the area and find out which way to go, or run for help [Shift].

At some point in the tutorial we have to fight the enemies. To attack, we can press [RMB] on the enemy, or select a skill directly from the panel at the bottom of the screen or by using hotkeys — [1] for the main attack, [2] for the alternative.

During combat, we can also crouch [C] to reduce damage received but increase melee damage , and use the [X] aiming mode, which will slow down our character but increase damage.

If we are going to change weapons, the equipment screen is accessible under [U], and the entire inventory under [I].

Standing in this place to mention flanking and advanced control options. Attacking enemies from behind or from the side will allow to cause more damage keep in mind that opponents will also get such a bonus if they can get around you.

All "ground" weapons, as well as some skills arising from the sets of classes Kits, Kit Modules have the ability to Expose or Exploit the enemy via the alternative attack.

Using the alternative attack on an open enemy will allow us to quickly deal with most opponents.

A defeat in battle at the basic level of difficulty is not associated with any consequences other than the loss of time, because we are born in the check point of the mission.

As you progress in the game, your crew will be expanded with Bridge Officers, who, just like your character, follow one of the three main career paths.

Tactical officers are marked in red, engineers in yellow, scientists in blue, and each ship has a certain number and type of posts that we can assign to our crew.

In Star Trek Online there are hundreds of ships — for example, the cruiser-class legendary Enterprise have more "yellow" positions that will allow us to make full use of the potential of our engineers.

Some ships also have versatile posts available for officers of any career, as well as hybrid positions associated with modern careers available at the late stage of the game.

Crew management is carried out through the Stations tab on the equipment screen. Regardless whether you're on the side of the United Federation of Planets or the Klingon Empire, the Navy has a military hierarchy.

Obtaining the Expertise points, which we collect in parallel with the classic Experience Points, will allow us to upgrade the officers to the next rank and, as a result, give them access to more powerful skills.

Each maximum-rank officer can have four active space skills and four ground skills, but how many of them we can use at the given moment depends on the Station to which we assign them.

For example, the mentioned Enterprise has a "yellow" engineering rank of Commander, which allows you to use all four skills, but the "blue" for the position of scientific has only the rank of Lieutenant, which will give access only to the first two abilities of the character, even if our scientist has the maximum rank.

The key to success is therefore selecting the correct crew for the right ship, so as to be prepared for any situation.

All current skills, which are the sum of the skills of our captain, crew and possible specific characteristics of the ship or its equipment, can be accessed in the skills tab [P], from which we can drag them to the quick-access bar.

At some point, it may turn out that we have too many useful options - then, with the icon on the right side of the skill bar, we can open another one, properly arrange and use them with the [Ctrl], [Alt] or [Shift] keys along with the corresponding numeric key.

When you finally seize control of your ship, at the bottom of the screen will appear additional information, beyond our abilities bar.

The interface will show the statuses of the hull, shields, as well as their distribution around our ship.

Pressing the [LMB] on the avatar will cause the shields to be evenly distributed, and the arrows around it allow to strengthen one of the sides at the expense of others, which is useful when maneuvering between opponents.

We will also know the energy status of individual subsystems and put or disable the automatic firing mode by pressing [RMB] on individual weapons.

There's a lot of these — from focused laser beams or heavy cannons to torpedoes or proximity mines, which will increase the effectiveness of the special skills of our officers.

A very important element that affects our parameters in battle is the armament of our ship, which we can place on the bow or stern.

For example, an ordinary laser weapon has a firing angle of degrees, so if we install it on both sides of the ship, we can fire at the enemy from both batteries if we place our ship sideways towards the enemy.

In turn, torpedo launchers will allow us to attack enemies in the degree angle in front of us, so during the battle, we will have to exert tactical maneuvering abilities.

In combat, you have to keep track of which of the enemy ship's shields were weakened with continuous fire, and barrage these spots with torpedoes that will directly damage the hull, maximizing the damage.

The speed can be increased [E] or decreased [Q]; we can also halt or resume movement, pressing [R].

Exploration of space happens the same way as exploration of planets. In space, you can also use the scanner [V], which will show us hidden resources, which can be acquired by completing a simple mini-game.

Also die Optik empfand ich schon immer als das geringste Problem des Spiels. Jetzt kostenlos spielen! Spione der Romulanischen Republik infiltrieren den Tal Shiar, um mehr über seine Geheimnisse zu learn more here und wie man ihn besiegen kann. Scheinbar loggst du dich von einem neuen Computer oder Browser aus ein. Hinweis: Das Starterpaket ist auch im Spezialpaket des Zeitagenten enthalten. Jetzt registrieren. Battle for Azeroth:

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